Emilcin is one of the most mysterious towns in the Lublin region. The village located near Opole Lubelskie is surrounded by the history of a close encounter of the third kind.

On May 10, 1978, one of the local farmers, Jan Wolski, was driving a cart along a forest clearing. Late in the evening, he was returning from a neighbouring village, when he suddenly witnessed the landing of an unidentified flying object. It is clear from the farmer's account that apart from observing the strange phenomenon, there was a direct contact with the newcomers who got off the space saucer. The aliens invited Mr. Jan on board and performed painless examinations. The farmer was then to be released from the machine, but before the disoriented man could return to his home, the luminous object disappeared without a trace. The militia, journalists, and UFO researchers started coming to Emilcin. Many believed in the account of Jan Wolski, because he was a respected citizen of the village, with an impeccable reputation, and very pious on top of that. He was also subjected to detailed psychological tests that showed no mental disorders or a tendency to fantasize. His account was also confirmed by another independent witness. Emilcin boasts one of the best-prepared and documented UFO encounters in the world research literature. A stone obelisk with a steel cube was erected at the scene to commemorate this extraordinary evening. The Nautilus Foundation, whose subject of research is paranormal phenomena, funded the construction of the monument, and on its front placed the inscription: "The truth will yet amaze us". That provest that also the Lublin Region has places that cannot be reasonably explained.