Welcome to the region between the Vistula and the Bug Rivers where you will forget about the city rush and discover the essence of life. Surrounded by pristine nature and human hospitality, you will find inspiration for your dreams and passions. The diversity of landscapes stretching between Roztocze and Polesie combined with historic and cultural heritage will never let you get bored. Enjoy a stroll along romantic streets of Zamość Old Town, a bicycle ride in the scenic Kazimierz Landscape Park, a canoe rally on the meandering Bug River and all the other attractions awaiting tourists in the Lublin Region.

The Lublin Region has long been a meeting point of many cultures, nationalities and religions, traces of which can be seen in historic architecture. Only here can you find Orthodox, Neo-Uniate, Catholic and Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues and Tatar cemeteries located in close proximity, often within the same village or town. In Włodawa, a small town on the Polish-Ukrainian borderland, three major religions have coexisted for centuries: Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Judaism. The most beautiful example of the symbiosis of Eastern and Western traditions is the Holy Trinity Royal Chapel decorated with Russo-Byzantine frescoes painted in the first half of the 15th c.

Our region abounds in cultural events, festivals and fairs, which are a fantastic opportunity to get to know local history and culture, folk art, craft and music, as well as to taste delicious traditional specialities. There are cross-border events, such as the Festival of Three Cultures and the European Days of Good-Neighbourliness, which highlight the inimitable multicultural character of the Lublin Region.

Visit the Lublin Region and experience its unique atmosphere. Welcome!